All glitters except for the specialty glitters (4s series) come in 2 ounce by weight jars.  4s series are 1 ounce jars by weight. Micas are 1 ouce by weight in jars except uv powders. Those are half ounce by weight.  Chameleon micas are 10 grams.  If you would like to purchase by the 1 ounce bag on regular glitters please send me a message.  Or purchase the glitter and send me a message to supply you with 2 bags instead of 1 jar.


These glitters are EVERYTHING.

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PLEASE NOTE:  We are currently trying to take new images of all items.  We are updating the site daily to add what we can.  We have terrible internet right now so its taking me forever to do so. Please bear with me and send me a message via facebook to order for the next week or so.  I hope to have everything online and functioning as it should by the end of January.