All glitters except for the specialty glitters (4s series) come in 2 ounce by weight jars.  4s series are 1 ounce jars by weight. Micas are 1 ouce by weight in jars except uv powders. Those are half ounce by weight.  Chameleon micas are 10 grams.  If you would like to purchase by the 1 ounce bag on regular glitters please send me a message.  Or purchase the glitter and send me a message to supply you with 2 bags instead of 1 jar.


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15th Feb 2014

WELCOME TO OUR NEW SITE!I am so glad you have decided to choose Southern Bling N Supplies for your DIY needs.  As this new year progresses we have lots of surprises in store.  Lots of new cr … read more